KCEDA Gets $20K Grant Approval for Oktoberfest Event

From a press release

Klamath Falls, OR (April 25, 2019) – On Wednesday morning this week, the Klamath County Commissioners unanimously approved a tourism grant application submitted by the Klamath County Economic Development Association (KCEDA) in the amount of $20,000. These grant funds would contribute to fulfilling budgetary needs for a “Klamath Oktoberfest” event that KCEDA is creating and managing, helping the organization ensure effective marketing and operational success for what is being described as a large, family-friendly event that brings together regional vendors, brewers, entertainment, and outdoor recreation activities. Ultimately, with continued success, KCEDA aspires for the event to grow into a destination type gathering, that draws people from markets that go beyond Southern Oregon and Northern California to attend.

KCEDA Project Manager and event lead, Rick Abel, spoke to the inspiration behind the event and why he believes the County approved grant support to the project, saying, “I think the Commissioners really appreciated the idea that this event was an opportunity to showcase Klamath, and were excited to support this special event because they believe it will encourage more tourism traffic, but also offer a great time for area residents to enjoy.” Abel’s comments resonate with KCEDA’s recent efforts to endorse “placemaking” as part of their economic development strategy, as the organization sees this event has an opportunity to enhance sense of community, simultaneously creating an environment that invites outside entities and visitors to learn more about Klamath’s unique.

In addition, to their desire to highlight area assets, KCEDA also sees the event as an opportunity to take better advantage of the brewing industry’s high demand across the state, something the organization believes Klamath has not sufficiently utilized. Andrew Stork of KCEDA commented on this, “Good beer brings people together and the economics of Oregon’s brewing industry validate this. There is an economic impact of nearly 5 billion dollars that comes from the brewing industry, accounting for over 19,000,000 tourism visitors annually. As the brewing sector in Klamath continues to gradually find momentum, we feel events like this can help us further tap into local growth of that industry.”

KCEDA has already begun preparations for the event, working with Running Y and Skyline Brewing Company, both of whom had representatives in attendance to Wednesday’s public meeting to advocate for the project. Speaking on behalf of Running Y was General Manager, George Rogers, who spoke further about the tourism opportunities of the project, saying, “We are having the event on the same weekend as the ‘Ride the Rim’ event at Crater Lake, which will really allow for us to transition tourists coming from all these other Oregon regions from that event towards Klamath for this Oktoberfest.”

“Klamath Oktoberfest” is scheduled to take place on September 21st at the Klamath Ice Sports arena near the entrance edge of Running Y Ranch and Resort. The September date is intentionally aligned with Germany’s Oktoberfest, which over several decades has historically made it a point to start their event in September so that they may take advantage of more favorable weather conditions; ironically, the Oktoberfest in Germany will begin on September 21st also. More specific details and information about “Klamath Oktoberfest” will be released in upcoming months. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Page 2 of 2 2 About the Klamath County Economic Development Association (KCEDA) Since 1975, KCEDA has reflected the best of private enterprise, responsibility and dedication. Its mission is to lead economic development and diversification of Klamath County through targeted recruitment & attraction, business retention & expansion, small business development and entrepreneurship. learn more about KCEDA and how they can help you, please visit their website, www.ChooseKlamath.com, or contact their offices using the information below.

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