KCEDA Helps LTI, Inc. Expand into Klamath Falls

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Klamath Falls, OR (August 24, 2021) – Today, the Klamath County Economic Development Association
(KCEDA) officially announced that LTI, Inc., part of the Lynden family of companies, has expanded its
operations into Klamath Falls. They recently began operating out of a 3.5 acre location south of
downtown Klamath Falls LTI, Inc. has locations throughout the Pacific Northwest and has been operating since the 1940s.
Previously, the company held facilities in Bonanza, Oregon, where for 15 years, they would use their
fleet to transport milk from local dairies to customers outside the region. People familiar with the area
may recognize the iconic “Milky Way” logo on the side of the vehicles. The company has continually
expanded its capabilities to serve a wider range of products and customers, such as wine and juice
moving to Washington and California. As a result of this expansion, the company began exploring other
location options which were capable of housing their 24 employees while also serving a growing
customer base.

Speaking on behalf of LTI, Inc., Operations Manager John Bailey commented on the expansion, saying,
“Our new location on Highway 97 puts us right in line with the current routes, offering new
opportunities for how we can utilize the Klamath Falls team. KCEDA and their partners, including

Klamath Community College, have really made this transition the most optimal. We look forward to a
continued partnership with these stakeholders as we seek to expand our Klamath Falls operations.”
KCEDA began work with the company in early 2020, coordinating with LTI, Inc. representatives on site
selection, workforce training options, and more. KCEDA Project Manager, Julie Matthews, shared about
the company’s move into Klamath Falls and how it speaks to the region’s freight advantages, stating, “I
believe this move speaks to the benefits our transportation corridor provides to industry, particularly
when you look Highway 97’s value. Trucking companies continue to show a preference to Highway 97
due to its strategic location along major west coast markets. We at KCEDA are very excited to see LTI,
Inc. grow its presence here.”

About LTI, Inc.
LTI, Inc. is a subsidiary of Lynden Incorporated, a family of transportation and logistics companies
primarily serving Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, with additional service extending throughout the
United States and internationally. The company specializes in the transport of liquid- and dry-bulk
commodities in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada. LTI, Inc. has a fleet of dedicated tank trailers
for the sanitary transport of milk, fruit juices, concentrates, pure water, wines, fresh raspberries and
other delicate edibles at just the right temperature. Industrial shippers from oil refineries and metal
processors, to pulp mills and construction companies also trust their truckload hauls to LTI, Inc. Learn
more at www.lynden.com

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