KCEDA Member Highlight: Gilchrist Forest Products

Enterprise Zone Expands in Klamath County

Neiman Enterprises, Inc. Acquires Mill in Gilchrist, OR

In this month’s member highlight, we take a look at Gilchrist Forest Products. A subsidiary of Neiman Enterprises, Inc. (based out of Hulett, Wyoming), the company is a leading producer of Ponderosa Pine boards, pattern and industrial (shop) lumber. Their sawmill was previously operated by the Interfor Corporation, until Neiman purchased the facility in late 2020, and rehired a large majority of the Interfor employee base following the mill’s temporary closure. The particular mill produces 1×4 through 1×12 Ponderosa Pine and Lodgepole Pine boards, as well as 6/4 shop.

Since acquiring the former Interfor mill site, Gilchrist Forest Products has launched a number of efforts to further enhance operations at the facility, as well as expand their footprint within the community. KCEDA continues to work closely with the company to bring these endeavors to fruition. One such example of this assistance is the economic development organization’s recent enterprise zone expansion. Earlier this year, KCEDA worked jointly with the Klamath County Board of Commissioners to establish an additional enterprise zone in sections of Crescent and Gilchrist. By doing so, this has put not only Gilchrist Forest Products, but other active projects in a better position to expand their operations and employment base as a result of the programs benefits.

Oregon’s enterprise zone program offers a unique resource to Oregon communities, and an excellent opportunity for eligible businesses growing or locating within the state. Enterprise zones exempt businesses from local property taxes on new investments for a specified amount of time, which varies among different zone programs. These zones are sponsored by city, port, county, or tribal governments, where local governments and/or selected agencies are responsible for creating, amending, managing, and renewing these areas. an enterprise zone typically serves as a focal point for local development efforts. 

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