Klamath Falls, Oregon is a beautiful place to live with a desirable climate, a tight-knit community, a low cost of living, a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and an abundance of outdoor recreation.

Klamath Falls Community

The Klamath Falls lifestyle represents a sense of community at its strongest. People that are in the area or visiting cannot help but always encounter a unique feeling of belonging and companionship with the city and their fellow community members. What makes Klamath’s living experience particularly special is the area’s constant ability to grow community members’ independent fulfillment and shared emotional ties, having each day only further cement why they call the beautiful Southern Oregon city their home. The mid-sized city is a hub for constant connection which invites and encourages intimate engagement with community entities and stakeholders. In essence, rural living within the region lends to people having the opportunity to seek any-and-all experiences within a day, personifying the heights of having a work/life balance unlike anywhere else in the world.

Klamath Falls & Cost of Living

Klamath Falls has a rich history in the Wood Products Industry, having housed major operations for multiple Fortune 500 companies that include JELD-WEN and the Weyerhaeuser Company, and recently, the addition of Wilsonart. The timber industry still serves as a staple of the region’s economic landscape, with several other emerging sectors beginning to establish a presence. Klamath Falls is beginning to see an increasingly diversified business climate, shaping Klamath’s economy to be more dynamic than ever before.

All signs are indications that tomorrow’s local business climate is headed in a very promising direction. This is particularly evident when you look at the current rise in new development activity taking place within the county. Over the past 2 years, the prospecting industry and new investment have exponentially grown. By 2022, there is estimated to be over $1.5B in construction projects
One major appeal to many existing and prospecting residents is the highly affordable cost of living. Compared to most Northwest cities with similar amenities and accommodations, living expenses are significantly more cost-effective when in Klamath Falls, giving people that majestic Oregon experience with a much lower price tag. This also holds true for business operating costs, where it is reported that Klamath Falls is 10-30% less expensive for enterprises as opposed to a large majority of areas along the West Coast.

Beyond the less expensive benefits of living and working in Klamath, many businesses and residents select the area for many other reasons. The city possesses reliable utilities, unparalleled outdoor assets, outstanding livability, a remarkable workforce, a “business-friendly” government, and an exemplary transportation network. Representatives from national and global development groups have publicly noted these optimal characteristics when speaking of the region. Rye Development spokesperson for the Swan Lake Energy Project, Erik Steimle, has spoken about the area and stated, “Klamath is a special place. It’s outdoor offerings, community spirit, and endless industrial assets make it a perfect choice for enterprises of all shapes and sizes.” John Ferguson, CEO of Ferguson Hotel Properties, has also echoed this confident appreciation, having said, “Klamath Falls is an undiscovered Oregon treasure that’s on the verge of becoming the West Coast’s next best place to be.”

Climate & Recreation in Klamath Falls

Klamath Falls is known as Oregon’s City of Sunshine, and for good reason. On average, Klamath has over 300 days of sunshine per year (learn more). Additionally, Klamath enjoys a variety of weather, as the temperate climate provides little rainfall, cool-to-warm springs, long hot summers, comfortable autumns, and snowy winters. This ideal transition of the seasons provides ample opportunity to be outdoors enjoying the many parks, hiking trails, rivers, and lakes surrounding Klamath in endless ways throughout the year.

In Klamath Falls, people have endless access to adventure, exploration, nature, and culture. The geologic wonders in the region are bountiful, providing a wide array of stunning outdoor features to choose from. The terrain of Klamath is quite multi-dimensional, consisting of expansive high-desert, river rapids, lush forests, and gorgeous frontiers under a dazzling, wide-open sky. These jaw-dropping, scenic splendors present easy interaction for outdoor enthusiasts of all types, never failing to deliver completely thrilling immersion

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