10 Honest Pros and Cons of Living in Klamath Falls

Top Advantages of Living in Klamath Falls

1) Sunny Weather All Year Long

Klamath Falls is proud to be recognized as Oregon’s City of Sunshine, producing over 300 days of sunshine on average every year. The beauty of the weather in Klamath though is that people who live in the area get to avoid constant rain and clouds that may be found in other parts of the state, but are also afforded the opportunity to enjoy all four seasons at their most optimal conditions.

2) Clean Mountain Air

There’s nothing quite like stepping outside and being able to breath in the refreshing, clean mountain air. There are not many cities in the nation which are able to enjoy this lifestyle perk, but Klamath Falls is certainly one of them.

3) An Abundance of Year-Round Outdoor Recreation

The county’s natural landscape is a diverse mix of breathtaking scenery, made up of mountains, forests, deserts, rivers, and lakes. These environments cater well to an endless number of outdoor recreation activities, offering plenty of seasonal and year-round options for people to take advantage of. These include popular activities like hiking, kayaking, fishing, golfing, zip-lining, snow-mobile riding, cross-country skiing, and much more.

4) Tight-Knit Community with Healthy Initiatives

The community in Klamath Falls prides itself on bringing people together. The area culture welcomes citizens and stakeholders to be engaged across all categories of industry and interests. A rising tide lifts all boats, and there is a local spirit which highly encourages community members in Klamath Falls to collaborate on ways to enhance the community experience. Many medical organizations in the region have played a large part in promoting health and well-being community wide, using innovative practices to help further evolve the quality of life people have when living here.

5) Rural Living with Urban Cultural Amenities

Although recognized as a rural, logging town by some, Klamath Falls has plenty to offer in the forms of entertainment and amenities. There’s numerous museums, theaters, shopping centers, and more to take advantage of in Klamath Falls, providing people with a wealth of options to choose from so they can achieve the respective lifestyle they wish to have in the area.

6) A Local, Unique Culture

Klamath Falls has a rich and diverse history as an Oregon city that too often is overlooked. This history spans many decades, covering a broad range of culturally and industrially significant backgrounds. The city’s growth is attributed to strong industry performance in logging, manufacturing, rail, and agriculture historically.

7) Low Cost of Living

Oregon’s popularity nationwide has continued to increase over the past two decades, redefining the state’s economy, particularly in markets such as Portland or Bend. Many people have moved from throughout the country to these popular markets, stimulating record-breaking development and population growth. As a result, costs of living in these markets has risen exponentially as they become more and more crowded. Klamath Falls offers a less expensive alternative for people which still captures the magic of the Northwest, with a remarkably competitive cost of living in a rising market, the rural area is gaining a reputation as the next best place to live.

Top Disadvantages of Living in a Small Community Like Klamath Falls

1) Slower Pace of a Smaller Town

Residents choose to call Klamath Falls home for several reasons, but the pace is certainly top of mind to many selecting to live in the basin. Many semi-retired, young families, and relocating workers choose the city because it offers people a chance to enjoy Northwest living in a more relaxed and less congested way.

2) Outdoor…Everything

Klamath Falls is without a doubt an outdoor community, offering a unique rural lifestyle compared to most other cities of similar size within the US. It certainly retains the same charm as other rural areas and possesses an abundance of excellent amenities, however it may not be apparent all at once considering how far the city spreads. The location of the city plays a big role in this.

3) Rural Location

Sitting isolated in southern Oregon just before the California border, the city is surrounded by several mountains, lakes, rivers, and forests, separating it from other neighboring communities within the county. The city certainly presents a full spectrum of ways to have people “make it their own” so to serve almost any sort of lifestyle preference, however driving distances to metropolitan areas such as Portland become longer trips compared to what some may be used to.

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