Top Golf Courses You Have to Experience in Klamath Falls

Several developers have expressed interest in establishing operations in recent years based on the region’s rapid growth, ideal lifestyle, low cost of living, infinite outdoor recreation potential, among plenty of other things to do. Developers of resorts, parks, sporting facilities, entertainment centers, and more, are gradually noticing Klamath Falls as a growing tourism destination and excellent lifestyle experience. In this list we dive into how the area’s golf courses make up an important piece of what makes Klamath a great place to live.

Running Y

Upon playing the course, Arnold Palmer himself stated publicly, the Running Y Ranch Golf Course showcases the spectacular natural landscape of Oregon’s beautiful unspoiled outback. Ambling along meadows and through restored wetlands on the front nine, one can enjoy playing right beside spectacular lakes and endless, lush forests. The vision of ‘leave the land as it lies’ played out well in the course design, and I consider it one of my best tracks.” Ultimately, Palmer would later recognize the course as an Arnold Palmer Signature Branch Golf Course, one out of 16 worldwide.

The Running Y Ranch & Resort has long been a treasure to residents and incoming visitors alike. Sprawling with a wide-selection of amenities, services, and recreation options, the resort is an unparalleled representation of the Klamath County experience at large.

For less experienced or more casual players, there is also a mini golf course on the resort property, however, it is far from your traditional game of “putt, putt”. Featuring water hazards, sand traps, and more, the Running Y’s Mini Golf Course was thoughtfully designed to give users “the best of both worlds” as it delivers on being both a test of true putting proficiency for hardcore golfers and an undeniably fun activity for newcomers who may be less familiar to the sport.

Shield Crest

Located along Hwy 140 towards Lakeview, Shield Crest Golf Course rises along Klamath’s eastern hillside, nestled inside a cozy residential area of town where many professionals live, play, and congregate with fellow community members. Shield Crest possesses a large and loyal membership but is a public course that warmly welcomes residents, visitors, organizations, and businesses to take advantage of, gaining a local reputation to be an ideal spot for hosting various events and tournaments.

Indian Camp Golf Course

Golf is widely understood as a very respected and expensive sport. Klamath County takes pride in having multiple course options for everyone’s varying levels of skill, budget, and style. Indian Camp Golf Course offers a more casual experience compared to the other courses, serving as a basic 9-hole, par 3 course that you don’t have to be “a pro” to enjoy and get better at the game. Indian Camp is a comfortable, walkable experience for friendly-competition fun! While on your way to Indian Camp, be sure to pencil in time to grab a bite at local favorites Pappy Ganders or do a little shopping at one of the boutiques in nearby Merrill.

Harbor Links Golf Course

Located on the banks of beautiful Klamath Lake, Harbor Links Golf Course is a popular place for golfers to go and test their skills. With 15 of the 18 holes composed of unique pond hazards, the course possesses numerous natural, scenic views of our beautiful county. This unique arrangement of course water features has given the course a reputation over time for being a home and safe haven to several species of waterfowl and big game animals. Harbor Links also is the only course where you can use golf simulators in the Klamath Basin. Available to play throughout the winter months, Harbor offers many ways to keep your swing grooved for next season. In addition to the course, Harbor Links also is home to the Clubhouse, a local restaurant serving American-style food and drinks in a relaxed setting.

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