Collaborative Leadership

From left to right: Jeff Sharp (Ferguson Properties), Randy Cox (KCEDA), Donnie Boyd (Klamath County Commissioner), John Ferguson (Ferguson Properties), Julie Matthews (KCEDA), and Heather Tramp (Klamath County Chamber of Commerce)

Team Klamath

As a non-profit 501(c)4 organization, Klamath County Economic Development Association (KCEDA) is a collaborative leader in the planning and implementation of strategies that sprout economic development in our community. We have cooperative relationships with organizations that share a passion for our community’s long-term prosperity—Chamber of Commerce, Discover Klamath Visitor and Convention Bureau, Klamath IDEA, South Central Oregon Economic Development District (SCOEDD), Small Business Development Center, City and County government, and many others. Each entity involved has a special focus, a realm of influence, and expertise.

Retain, Expand, Attract

KCEDA has two major goals, and one of them might surprise you. Did you know that 60-70% of all new jobs come from existing local businesses? A big part of our mission is to be a resource for local businesses so they have what they need to stay, expand and succeed right here in Klamath County. We also work hard to draw a diverse mix of new employers, especially traded sector businesses that will strengthen our economic footing.  Through effective marketing, targeted recruitment, completion of strategic initiatives, and proficiency in accessing business-friendly programs and incentives, KCEDA is a proactive force in creating a fertile business environment that gets Klamath noticed. Download our Business Retention & Expansion brochure to learn more.


In 2014, the KCEDA board adopted a member/investor business model also known as ‘pay-to-play’. Prior to 2014, KCEDA had limited funding from Klamath County lottery dollars and focused this funding on recruiting new businesses to the area. The pay-to-play model has proven successful throughout the nation. We now have a diverse cross-section of members invested in the process of identifying our area’s strengths, improving our weaknesses, addressing threats, and capitalizing on a wide range of opportunities.

KCEDA welcomes member organizations of all sizes, both public and private, who want to contribute to the economic future of Klamath County. By becoming a KCEDA member, your organization has a voice in defining priorities that lead to a better economic climate. Community business leaders work together to improve the business environment, share expertise, constructively outline areas that need improvement and then find ways to make a difference. Specifically, KCEDA is most interested in these key goals:

  • Create Jobs & Workforce Growth Opportunities
  • Diversify & Expand Economic Footing
  • Foster an Entrepreneurial and Innovation Habitat
  • Retain Local Businesses & Help them Expand Here
  • Remove Red Tape & Coordinate Resources
  • Improve Value of Businesses and Properties
  • Improve Our Quality of Life
  • Maximize Tourism’s Multiplier Effect


Contact the KCEDA office at 541-882-9600 or via email at for more information. When you’re ready, download your application here.

“The pay-to-play membership model allows the organization to engage community leaders and business owners in a way that we were never able to do before. Not only are we raising money from their investments, but we now have members who are participating in the discussions and bringing new ideas to the table.”

Lauren-Jespersen-copy— Lauren Jespersen, Owner & CFO, Edgewood Ranch, Inc.
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