Rye Development Talks KCEDA and Next Steps

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Klamath Falls, OR (May 2nd, 2019) –This Thursday, Rye Development and National Grid announced that they officially had been issued approval for a 50-year construction and operational license for the Swan Lake Energy Storage Project from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Up until that point, the prospective hydro operation had been through a near decade-long development process, with FERC serving to be their only remaining public checkpoint for moving forward with the project. During the period prior to the approval, The Klamath County Economic Development Association (KCEDA) had been coordinating closely with developers involved on the project, frequently playing a navigational role with communications between the developer and the community which illustrated the economic benefits of the project. The economic development organization also served as a channel for solutions that addressed community concerns while simultaneously being considerate of the project’s technical needs.  

Erik Steimle with Rye Development spoke to the magnitude of the announcement, recognizing KCEDA’s assistance in the endeavor to obtain FERC approval, saying, “This is an amazing milestone for us at Rye and National Grid and one that we owe a great deal of thanks to KCEDA for.” Based on conversations held between KCEDA and Steimle, the economic development agency provided details regarding the project’s next steps for the upcoming year, as well reported timelines for what they anticipate on the remaining phases of the large development.  According to KCEDA, the next 12 months will have project developers primarily focused on preconstruction work, where they will be engaged in efforts involving landowner discussions and entering talks with contractors for the facility’s build-out needs. Construction on the project is expected to begin in early 2021, where developers are confident that construction could be completed and the facility be operational by as early as 2025.  

Andrew Stork of KCEDA talked about the announcement, speaking to what role KCEDA among other community leaders played in the project’s effort to achieve the FERC license, saying, “Really this is the result of persistent leadership and effort being demonstrated by both Klamath’s private and public sector. KCEDA has always strived to be a platform for collaborative exchange between these sectors, where in this case, we were happy to be an agent for educating area stakeholders on what value the Swan Lake project could provide to the area. Without the advocacy of those stakeholders, the project would have been in jeopardy, but the project developers were welcoming thought partners, which allowed for healthy communication to take place that helped modify the project to be its most optimal.” Beyond, the direct economic value the project demonstrated, KCEDA’s involvement with helping the project move past the FERC stages was significantly motivated by the proven track record of both Rye Development and National Grid globally, recognizing that the developers work the Swan Lake effort was in close alignment with the organization’s strategic emphasis on achieving industry diversification and reaching decarbonization goals affordably. KCEDA additionally noted that the $2.1M in annual tax revenues that would be produced from the project would be highly beneficial to supporting local infrastructure improvements that had the potential to be applied to roads, schools, local services, and more.

To learn more about the project, please visit the project website: https://slenergystorage.com/benefits.html

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About Rye Development
Rye Development is a leading developer of new low impact hydropowered energy generation and energy storage in the United States. Rye is committed to the responsible development of untapped hydropower resources while maintaining rivers’ balance of environmental and commercial requirements. Rye brings communities around the country substantial infrastructure, job creation, and a local source of renewable, non-consumptive energy.

About National Grid
National Grid is pivotal to the energy systems in the UK and the north eastern United States. They aim to serve customers well and efficiently, supporting the communities in which they are operate and making possible the energy systems of the future. At the forefront of many of the big energy challenges, National Grid is doing crucial work in some of the following areas:  1) Building sub-sea electricity interconnectors to join the UK to renewable energy on the continent – such as Norway’s hydropower. 2) Developing the infrastructure to enable affordable decarbonization of energy across the north eastern US – e.g. solar generation schemes and offshore wind connections. 3) Creating new ways to balance the electricity system in the UK during a time of rapid change in the sources of generation – from coal to wind and solar – and with the challenges that creates. 4) Inspiring the next generation of engineers and supporting their science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education.

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