KCEDA Helps Multiple Companies Expand Rail Infrastructure


Klamath Falls, OR (May 7, 2024) – Today, the Klamath County Economic Development Association (KCEDA) announced that three companies in Klamath County are each expanding as a result of upgraded rail infrastructure. Basin Fertilizer & Chemical Co, Gilchrist Forest Products, and Wilsonart, have all undergone recent efforts to enhance their freight capabilities in the region. With the help of KCEDA, each company was able to acquire funding to improve rail infrastructure at all three facility locations. Working with state agencies and elected officials, KCEDA had lobbied for funding to support these infrastructure projects, ultimately securing nearly $5M in awards to assist the companies with executing the work needed at each rail location. Wilsonart and Basin Fertilizer are nearly complete with installing this infrastructure, whereas Gilchrist is expected to begin their rail improvements later this year. 

Representatives for Basin Fertilizer and Wilsonart spoke about the recent upgrades. Manager for Basin Fertilizer, Chris O’Grady, commented, “These improvements will help us take our business to new heights, and we are grateful for the work KCEDA and its partners have done to position our expansion for success.” Speaking on behalf of Wilsonart, Plant Manager, Rebecca Mendez stated, “We are excited to see the plant evolve and believe the new rail upgrades will enhance Wilsonart’s west coast operations. KCEDA was instrumental in helping us get here.” 

Discussing the development projects collectively, KCEDA CEO, Randy Cox, commented on why this infrastructure is important to these employers and how their expansions benefit the area economy. Cox states, “Transportation plays a key role in many traded-sector operations. Companies need to have optimal supply and distribution channels to remain competitive within their respective industries, and these capital improvements support that. Expanding the rail infrastructure for Wilsonart, Gilchrist Forest Products, and Basin Fertilizer will help our region position these companies for further growth, both now and long-term.” 

According to KCEDA, the combined impact of these local expansions represents over 50 new jobs, nearly $60M in capital investment, and an estimated $1.4M in additional tax revenue to the regional economy. 


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