KCEDA to Oppose Ballot Measure 18-105

April Press Release: KCEDA Opposes Recreational Marijuana Measure

Klamath Falls, Oregon (April 8, 2016) – The Klamath County Economic Development Association has formally come out against Ballot Measure 18-105, which would legalize the production and retail sale of recreational marijuana in the county. On April 1, the KCEDA executive committee presented a resolution to its board of directors that took a public position in opposition to the ballot measure. After a five-day voting period, the resolution passed by way of a two-thirds majority vote on April 7.

An excerpt from the resolution reads, “It is the purpose of KCEDA to foster a healthy economic climate for the area capable of providing primary employment opportunities that meet the needs of employers, employees, and the community, while retaining and enhancing the quality of life and expanding the tax base.”

The resolution states that KCEDA is among those who believe passing the measure would:

  • Harm education and graduation rates in Klamath County, negatively impact the Klamath work force by creating a class of potential employees (comprised of recreational users) who would not be employable at any drug-free workplace
  • Increase emergency room visits and increase health care costs
  • Make Klamath County a less desirable, and a less competitive location for attracting new businesses to locate in Klamath County
  • Harm families and quality of life for Klamath residents

KCEDA executive director Greg O’Sullivan stated that well-intentioned advocates of the measure have too narrow a focus. “Proponents and sponsors of Ballot Measure 18-105 advocate for its passage on the notion that it will increase the tax base and create jobs in the production and retail sale of legalized recreational marijuana,” he said. “But those aren’t necessarily the jobs we need here in Klamath County, certainly not if we want to stand out as a good place to set up roots for manufacturing, the tech industry, agriculture or hospitality.”

Ballot Measure 18-105 will appear on the May 17 ballot when Oregonians vote in the presidential primary election. If passed, the measure would override the county commissioners’ decision to outlaw sale and production of marijuana and allow the state to license marijuana dispensaries and producers in Klamath County.


Since 1975, KCEDA has reflected the best of private enterprise, responsibility and dedication. Its mission is to provide tailored recruitment and retention/expansion programs, new opportunities for jobs, a diversified, value-added industrial base and expanded economic development. Because TEAM Klamath and Klamath County are aware of the needs of businesses, they have a collection of business incentives suited for companies looking to expand or improve their workforces.

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