Klamath County Property Transfer Makes Way for Mental Health Care Expansion

This article was published in Klamath Alerts on January 27th, 2023

The Klamath County Board of Commissioners has formally transferred ownership of three lots on Washburn Way to Klamath Basin Behavioral Health (KBBH). The property transfer supports KBBH’s plans to construct a 16 bed mental health Residential Treatment Facility and 4-bed Crisis Receiving Center.

Commissioner Minty believes the infrastructure project is a step in the right direction, stating “The County is pleased to partner with Klamath Basin Behavioral Health on an initiative addressing one of the most significant community needs – services for those struggling with mental health.”

Commissioner DeGroot shared his support stating, “Many of today’s challenges in meeting the public’s needs are rooted in the lack of sufficient capacity in mental health services for our population. This property transfer will facilitate expanded mental health services in Klamath County.”

725 Washburn Way is home to Phoenix Place, a licensed mental health Secure Residential Treatment Facility operated by KBBH. The adjacent lots have been vacant for over two decades and are restricted to mental health treatment through a 2009 Housing Development Grant awarded to Klamath County from the State of Oregon.

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