State Offers Help to Local Pharmacies

Below is a preview of the original article which was written The Baker City Herald on November 19th, 2021. This article, titled ‘State Offers Help to Local Pharmacies’ was authored by Jayson Jacoby, a staff writer for the Baker City publication. d News. To read the entire article, please go to the H&N website link provided below, following the article preview.  

The Oregon Health Authority is offering to pay pharmacies $35 for each dose of COVID-19 vaccine they give, a move that possibly could help pharmacies hire employees to deal with the growing workload that has resulted in long lines across the state.

The program, which launched this month, also is intended to boost vaccination rates and to ensure that vaccines are available to all residents, said Rudy Owens, a public affairs specialist for the Oregon Health Authority (OHA).

To qualify for the payments, pharmacies must meet certain standards for “vaccine equity,” including such things as offering multilingual signing for COVID-19 vaccinations, “expanded vaccine-related counseling aimed at boosting vaccine confidence,” and “a plan for ongoing evaluation and continuous improvement to ensure equitable access,” according to a flyer from OHA.

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