The Carriage Works

Using Local Supplies to Manufacture
and Sell Nationwide

The Carriage Works began in Klamath Falls in 1978 as a supplier of charming horse-drawn carriages, sleighs and wagons. Their reputation for fine craftsmanship captured the attention of notable customers like Disneyland and Hollywood moviemaker George Lucas.

While building carriages for Disneyland, founding owners John and Barbara Evensizer were asked to design a covered wagon hot dog stand. That success led to a request for a buffet kiosk at another Disney attraction — Goofy’s Kitchen. Over the years, their skillful adaptability transformed this quaint, niche business into a global designer and manufacturer of more than 10,000 kiosks, carts and retail merchandising units for use in shopping malls, cruise ships, universities, amusement parks, and numerous other attractions. So if you’ve ever shopped, ridden a roller coaster, or enjoyed food you can eat without a plate, you’ve undoubtedly come across their handiwork.

Brian and Debbie Dunham bought the business in 2015 and have since hired five more employees with plans for adding even more. Klamath County’s rich history in wood products has produced a high-quality workforce of skilled craftspeople who are the cornerstone of The Carriage Works. Brian has an extensive background in manufacturing, so when he saw the expertise and commitment of the employees at The Carriage Works, he knew they had something special.

While the company’s origins are in wood, their business today also requires employees skilled in metal fabrication, electrical, plumbing, finish application, 3D rendering and more. Having local schools like Oregon Tech and Klamath Community College ensures a steady source of educated employees for years to come.

The Carriage Works is the kind of business that’s critically important for the Southern Oregon economy because it sells products mainly out-of-state, but buys a great deal of its supplies and professional services locally. So, revenue comes into Klamath County from afar and generates significant wages and local spending.

As the Dunhams consider their future needs for more space they are pleased to say the expansion will happen here in Klamath Falls because it’s a great place to do business.

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